The world is so competitive but surprisingly, there are a number of selected brands which continue thriving and earning more accolades regardless. Such are in the league of Apple which is currently the world’s most valuable, Toyota which holds the record for producing and selling an outrageous number of automobiles and Amazon which is the world’s most popular online store. Most people incessantly wonder how these brands have managed to stand tall for so long even in times when the economy was so brutal.


Although most entrepreneurs and business professionals would like you to believe that there is a foolproof secret recipe for such outstanding performance, these companies have been through hard time too. In fact, most of them were so troubled at inception that the public anticipated that they would tumble and disintegrate even before they started garnering national attention let alone worldwide acclaim.

A company like Apple was the brainchild of college dropouts who had no prior experience in marketing or entrepreneurship but currently tops the list of the World’s most valuable brands. Most people would argue that it was a pioneer in a market which had not been explored before but even after competitors mushroomed; it has continued dwarfing them and portraying the image of a leader.

It is only possible to get a clear explanation of how these companies are able to beat the odds and remain at the peak of excellence is by looking into their histories and accomplishments. Our website has turned what would be pages of great inspirational content into short articles you can devour quickly and set off to working on your own startup. We will touch a little on the characters of these brands’ founders but it should not be distracting as you will find a connection and discover that entrepreneurial drive in you.